A complete guide to store your flour


Please tell me how long flour lasts because I want to buy wheat flour in bulk to make bread


Guide preserved flour

Store them in a cool, air circulation system ... not to direct sunlight shines.

Warehouse floor must be clean and dry, avoid damp.

Ensure adequate lighting, temperature suitable for the preservation, acquisitions and transactions.

Appropriate temperatures in storage for preservation is ≤ 28 ° C and humidity below 70% (wheat storage temperature is 06 months if ≤ 18 ° C).

Wheat flour stored in warehouses must be placed on Pallets, it is best to use plastic Pallets, Wooden Pallets used to be covered if the canvas top.

Lots of flour must be arranged barn wall 1 meters must not exceed 3 pallets containing goods stacked and arranged spaced about 40cm - 50cm to ensure the monitoring of air and rotation control turn create ventilation

During storage shelf if detecting insects must immediately quarantined shipment and conducting fumigation. To ensure the efficiency and safety of health must contact the company that provides professional sterilization services to conduct fumigation, monitoring before and after implementation.

It is also the main component of the powder separated out for personal use, such as gluten (protein) and starch. Starch used primarily to compare the type of soup, pudding, sauces and other foods. But gluten is often added to flour to increase the quality of bread mi.Thong often, when thinking of flour, we often think it is a fine powder, made from wheat. But in fact, depending on the type of wheat and milling method of the manufacturer, but we have many different kinds of flour, with different uses. Now, we no longer have to use one type of flour for all kinds of bread

Wholemeal flour / white flour (usually wheat flour / Plain flour)

Wholemeal flour with ingredients from whole wheat grain, including the bran and germ

White flour (usually wheat flour) made from the inner part of the grain of wheat (excluding germ and bran).

One caution when using two types of flour on:

- Wholemeal flour needs more water in the formula because bran absorbs more water white core of wheat

- Part of the wheat germ are vulnerable odor variable, depending on storage conditions and temperature, so usually is removed during the production process to increase the dough of flour preservation period. So, if you want to add wheat germ to the formula, you can buy individual components.

Flour Bread (Bread flour)

Flour, bread made from wheat protein components from medium to high. This powder is a powder for «strong». Ingredients high gluten makes the structure of bread is perfect. Therefore, when making bread, we need dedicated powder to produce products with volume and shape perfectly.

Pastry flour

Puff pastry should also be made from flour with high protein components, because, when combined with water gluten, in addition to the folded dough with fat will make up the class and make bread flour when baking high bloom. Therefore, it is used to make bread dough puff pastry to make.

Meal made cakes and cookies (cake flour)

To make cakes and cookies, we need to use protein powders have lower component bread flour. Ingredients needed to make structural proteins of bread from flour that is not from the other ingredients, such as eggs. So when we use cake flour, bread will be soft because gluten components not contributing to the process of creating structures of cake.

What happens if we use high gluten flour with ingredients to make bread? Our cake will be hard and dry, and cookies will not flow out when baking.

Self-raising flour

As a combination of cake flour and gas foaming agent like baking powder. However the use of the powder for some kind of cake is not very convenient because of requirements for different baking powder in the recipe.

This powder is usually used in crepes or pikelet

On the market most commonly used type of flour (All purpose flour / plain flour / wheat flour), suitable conventional cakes. But to produce a palatable product and beautiful, the selection of appropriate powder is needed

Tips: To create the cake flour, we can mix flour with cornstarch All purpose flour to make lighter, allowing the texture of the cake was perfect.


To ensure the quality of flour, so to powder in a dry, cool place, preferably in sealed containers.

Use powder within 2-3 months at most. Pay particular attention to the wholegrain wheat flour, wheat germ because it contains very easily be turned if stale smell.

If you need to use long powder, flour should be stored in the refrigerator.

Absolutely not old flour mixed with new powder if you do not use regular flour

It should be carefully preserved for flour without the intrusion of insects.

How to preserve baking ingredients
- With dry ingredients such as flour (wheat, well, soda, tartar, vanilla ...), yeast blooms, ... need to keep completely dry, avoid near water sources and humid place. It is best to stay in the bottle, plastic or glass jars sealed and regularly check that materials do not have a problem. It is also possible for the material in a plastic bag and tie the bag closed mouth and dc.

- The type of flour ko dc preserved often have termites. Just saw a long black long black particles like grains of rice can crawl dc, this is a: D. Processor is likely to shed a newspaper powder and exposed to sunlight for a place to go out and then bring in the whole of the powder sieve ('ll see something similar a few small white worm, Lana does not know it is deep at all> "<). Later still use normal flour.

- With yeast blooms, Lana used originally packaged type 1 pack 12g. No end user opens it mouth sealed packages before putting them away again. Later Lana buy half a sign that once men always use a few grams up to give to the glass jar, dry lining a tissue on the face and closed to personal use. Lana clean glass jar, rinse then dry very exciting new user. Preserving this way Lana does not know for how long but dc enamel jug of Lana to half contrition and without damage. Best to cool to ferment dry cool place.

- Roads should give in plastic or glass jars and seal are the best. Others do not know is where is the house Lana okay, give it bite punctured plastic bag and ducked into the bag of sugar> "<

- With less use as vanilla powder, tartar, baking powder, soda ... Lana to the small bag, tie with T and place in refrigerator. Note that the powder should be noted on the packaging for the wrong lest they die.

-With Butter: If you buy more butter for personal use, then put butter in sealed plastic bag or plastic box sealed and then stored in a compartment dc refrigerator cool. If they give up more careful when using the freezer and then put it out pending the dc software.

- With Creamcheese: When used to cut with a knife or spoon clean then sealed and put into the refrigerator compartment will use dc cool long. Keep toilet anything can touch because Lana feels Creamcheese Creamcheese very sensitive to bacteria

- Fresh whipping cream or heavy cream whipping cream: fresh cream is used to cook soup type, make mousse, flan do also ... to increase the fat days of dishes. Features of this cream can be beaten but could not catch cotton cream to decorate cakes for cream ko dc hard enough to shape. This cream stored at refrigerator thousand eyes. When hit, remove 2 or 3 on the freezer 'to achieve sufficient cold hit will enjoy more cotton.

- Fresh cream topping: the special kind used for decorating cakes. This contrasts with whipping cream ice cream is stored in the freezer. When using the defrost in a cool compartment for water to flow into the bowl and leave to beaten.

- Fresh: Lana or milk in small paper bags to be used in one visit alone and if residual balance also less. If buying canned milk 1l better the economic benefits but should be used immediately after opening for 1 week and preserved in a cool compartment.

- Eggs: eggs should buy at the store or the manufacturer of reliable and stored in a cool compartment. However to prevent unintended circumstances when baking up a small bowl beat eggs, then let the mixture of formula required for egg accidentally damaged it also discovered that discarded rather give to the mixture then sometimes regret not keep losing

Above is a little bit of experience and understanding of Lana. Expect it would be helpful to everyone. Happy people have the batch succeed!

Do you know how to handle the baking powder?

- Wheat is the raw material of various types of bread. You want funding for all the family bakery enjoy but do not know how to handle powder? Refer to the following tips some offline!

To preserve our moldy flour mixed into the dough just a little salt with salt 5gr rate for 1 kg flour. With this rate, you still will not be salty flour when baking.

At stuffing, flour or sticky on the table. In addition to sprinkle a layer of powder coat on the table, you can do the following: For flour into a bowl, cover a layer of nylon seal and place in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. When rolled up pancakes will not stick anymore.

When dough pastry flour if too flabby missed. Very simple, you take a clean towel, dry and wrap the dough in the package for about 15-20 minutes. If dough is too loose, longer or bring you to pack in a towel otherwise. Because while wrapping the towel, water will seep into powder residue in the new towels. Meal will all flabby.

The processed flour is not too difficult. With kneading stages, if merely kneading the flour with warm water before later going clots, "buffalo brains" of piglets, causing no delicious cake. Therefore, to overcome, let in dry powder salt and stir before, then pour water into dough, dough will be smooth.

Typically, the dough is finished, want to make delicious cakes, brewed right fermented flour. This process can take from a few hours to half a day. You can shorten this stage by mid lump of dough a little wine and then use a wet towel warmers, the dough will quickly ferment, foam and softer.

If dough fermentation incubation time too long, the powder will be sour. To fix, go for little salt into powder to mix in proportion to 5g of salt 500g flour. Thus will end sour powder, color powder became yellow nor dark.


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